Focussing on the needs of anyone who would like to become a more powerful writer and speaker, our bright and enticing materials assist all people – from nine to 90.
Committed to diversity and inclusion, we want all people to know how to use language to elevate, inspire and educate.
Our books reveal all the tricks, techniques and scaffolds you can employ to become a more effective communicator.
We have two directors.
Lydia has worked as a global marketing leader for a number of international corporations. With 20 years communications and marketing experience, she has had a life long committment to inclusion and diversity and managed the Accelerated Development Program and the Executive Women’s Forum for the Commonwealth Bank.
Mandy has been a profressional writer and speaker for over 25 years. She has worked as an Education Officer for The Anti-Discrimination Board of NSW, The Australian Financial Review as a web producer and written a number of books.
We both understand the power of a story and how important it is to connect with an audience and want to share the secrets of how to do that, so that everyone’s unique stories can become part of the global narrative of life.

Mandy says…

There are tricks which will immediately bring a story to life. Start with an anecdote. Be specific. Show don’t tell. Use emotional appeals and language. For a persuasive – identify problems and come up with solutions. The moment you do all these things – you start to move your audience.

Lydia says…

I’m a marketer. I know a good product, that’s why I encouraged Mandy to finish all the books trapped in her computer. I knew that it would help.

We started off in the education sector but we can see how our materials can really help bring so many stories and experiences to life. Women, need to step up and tell and share their experiences and expertise and we can show them how to do that.

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