Focussing on the needs of students of English around the world, our bright and enticing materials assist all people – from nine to 90 – to write an engaging piece of creative writing, a persuasive speech or article and an analytical essay. 
We want all people to know how language can be used to create meaning. Our books are not for teaching to a test – they contain all the techniques and scaffolds to help make young (and old) people around the world great writers for the rest of their lives. What makes these books unique is the way in which they reveal the universal secrets of writing and their focus on style and structure. 
We have two directors. Mandy comes to the space as a profressional writer with over 25 years experience. As an author, trained English teacher and tutor, she has worked with young people with a range of abilities.
With undergraduate degrees in Sociology, Teaching and a Masters in Creative Writing, and a years spent at The Writer’s Studio, Mandy has worked for The Australian Financial Review as a web producer, written a number of books and acted as a writing consultant.  When developing her own materials, she has drawn on advice from some of the best teachers in Australia to create engaging resources. 
Lydia has worked as a global marketing leader for a number of international corporations. She has a Post Graduate degree in Business Technology and has 20 years Communications experience. She knows the power of a story and how to connect with an audience and was instrumental in bringing Literary Giants to life. She brings her on point communication, marketing and project management skills to Literary Giants.

Mandy says…

I have written all my life from when I was six, alone in my room, looking out my large, picture window at the sky. I found reading, spelling and writing a challenge – as did my Mother.

I know how hard it is to learn to express what you want to say so I really am on a mission to make writing easier for everyone. Through my years of study, my own professional writing and working individually with many highly successful young people, I decided to put together books that explain everything people need to know to write well.

100,000 word manuscript, 70 interviews. Son was six months old – amazing what you can do with a deadline. Published by Allen and Unwin, 2005

Short story. National magazine, Girls, 2012

Co-author of 50. Commissioned by Lend Lease, 2008. Interviewed over 30 people all over the world. 150-page book. Again a tight three-month deadline.

Everyone has the ability to write a story within them. We all tell stories all the time. Did you hear what happened? Guess what I did on the weekend. Have you… Writing a story is the same as telling a story. It is something we all have to work on. Writer’s write. A lot.

Lydia says…

I’m a marketer. I know a good product, that’s why I encouraged Mandy to finish all the books trapped in her computer. I knew that it would help.

I don’t like NAPLAN. It’s made me anxious and I know other mums feel the same. The good thing about our books though is that they spell out what teachers and NAPLAN markers are looking for in a Creative Writing piece for example. They help all writers. It’s all there. They are visual. It’s easy to see and then implement. The mystery of what makes a good story or a good essay is taken away.

As parents, we want to help our children but school seems so different from when I was there. Mandy has worked with children from all the top schools in our area. She knows what schools want. I can help my children improve because I now know what they have to do to make their writing better.

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