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How to improve a discursive

Start with a snappy anecdote or tale. All the great persuaders do it. 2. Use inclusive pronouns – to give a sense of shared common purpose. There are a few tricks to instantly improving a discursive. 3. Climb up and down the ladder of abstraction. Talk about your experience and then how that dovetails to […]

One tip to improve a story

It sounds so simple  – but do you know what the central revelation of your story is?   How do you want an audience to feel at the beginning and end of your narrative? If your audience walks away with one idea – what is it? What is the central revelation?

How hard is it to learn to write?

Really hard! Of course it is! And how much harder is it – trying to do it in a group setting? How AMAZING does the teacher/school/principal have to be to create a climate in which a bunch of adolescents students willingly sit down and think and write? But there are so many amazing teachers out […]

Finding your punch

What is your voice? What pictures do you paint in the minds of your readers when you write? Is your voice distinctive? How do you make your words carry an emotional punch? I met a wonderful teacher from Victoria last week who said, “I am always asking my students – what is your voice? How […]

Are you using imagery in your writing?

Imagery. Imagery. Imagery. Imagery is the foundation of all good writing – poetry. Short stories. Speeches. Novels. Movies. Opinion pieces. Writers have to work hard to create powerful images which pull and position readers to see the scene. Powerful imagery or one single image can carry a whole idea. 1. A picture paints a thousand words […]

The power of an emotional appeal

Great writers understand the power of emotion Last week, a Year 11 student and I looked at the opening paragraphs of some of the greatest or most popular novels ever written and what struck us was the subtle, deep emotional pull from the first paragraph. Typically, a child was shown to be mistreated, unheard or out […]

How to improve NAPLAN creatives

How to improve NAPLAN creatives Teachers really are expected to perform magic tricks every day. Every day they are expected to teach young people how to create a believable imaginary world that readers can willingly fall into. I ask you how many adults can write a fantastic, engaging narrative? Good old teachers, however are expected […]

The importance of structure in a persuasive text

Never, ever forget the importance of structure How a persuasive text is structured can have as much impact on an audience as what is said. Just ask Brutus and Mark Antony! When writing a persuasive, students must consider style – so all the tricks that make writing beautiful and they must also consider arrangement – […]

Writing a persuasive NAPLAN text

Writing a persuasive text is actually quite hard. Indeed it is. It’s hard because you have to work out what you want to say and then arrange it so that it is the most persuasive. Not only do you have to blend style and structure, high school students also have to think about the implications […]

How to start a NAPLAN narrative

The first few lines of a story are crucial This is a truth for all writers. JK Rowling. Year 12s – and for any young person writing narratives for the year 7 or 9 writing test this year for NAPLAN. Create interest from the first line. You only have a limited number of words, so […]