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Five tips to pass the NAPLAN writing test

1. Think and plan your NAPLAN writing test before you write. Boring – yes but completely necessary. Never forget that writing is a mixture of style and structure. It’s actually quite hard to write a creative writing piece or a persuasive text, so take the time to think about what you are going to write. […]

Everyone needs to learn to write

For those of us in the Southern hemisphere, at this time of the year, our attention turns to holidays and taking some time off to reflect and revitalise for the coming new year. This is certainly the case for the Literary Giants team. As the year has drawn to a close, we have had a […]

How to become a successful speller

One of the concerns raised in having a nationally standardised test is that it can create anxiety for young people who struggle with literacy.  The problem, however, is that many children slip through the cracks and their difficulties with spelling are not picked up and assisted. NAPLAN can, in fact, identify students who struggle with […]

Make words work hard

Be specific, definite and concrete. In both narrative and persuasive writing, you have to use words to create a visual feast of sights and sounds for the reader to fall into. Being specific creates engaging pictures in the mind of a reader. Don’t say                     Say […]


Well – for someone that really likes everyone to just get on – wading into the NAPLAN debate can be quite scary. Clearly, I don’t want any child to be anxious about sitting a test and I don’t want teachers to feel that they have to only teach grammar and sentence structure in English lessons […]

A wonderful response

Thank you people of Australia and the world. You have embraced our first book and we are so excited. We have received some ringing endorsements from wonderful teachers and every teacher, librarian and parent we show the book to, says the same thing – ‘Yes please!’. From Lara Bird – a wonderful teacher – Mandy […]

What a great first day!

Thanks everyone for your enthusiasm for our first book. We’re thrilled with the wonderful, warm response we have received in the first 24 hours. A couple of questions have come up that we would like to answer. Is the book applicable to adult writers?  Absolutely. The principles of good writing are the same whether you are […]

Stories are everywhere

A mark of a good storyteller is boundless curiosity. Storytellers are not interested in one explanation  – but many. Stories are everywhere, lying around waiting to be captured, remade and retold. Listening to the radio – to talkback and interviewers such as Richard Fidler are great sources for wonderful tales of different kinds of human […]