Some information about NAPLAN

NSW and WA are the only states in Australia who have set a minimum standard to be achieved in NAPLAN.

In NSW from 2020, all students will be required to achieve a minimum literacy and numeracy standard for the award of the HSC.

The minimum standard is NOT Band 8 in Year 9 NAPLAN in writing. It is the nationally agreed standard mapped to the Australian Core Skills Framework Level 3. Please see: ACSF for more information. Students who receive a Band 8 prequalify and will not need to sit the online NESA tests.

NESA  does not expect every student in Year 9 to reach Band 8 and will provide students with multiple opportunities to meet the standards.

No student will be excluded from sitting the HSC on the basis of their Year 9 NAPLAN.

You can see sample writing tasks here: NESA sample writing tasks

What we think about NAPLAN

We do not want any child to feel anxious about testing and subsequent results.

We do want every child to leave school with the ability to write a short story, a persuasive speech or article and an analytical essay. We want young people to know how language can be used to create meaning.

Mandy has worked with young people who attend schools with the greatest educational advantage in Australia. She has developed her own materials and also drawn on advice from some of the best teachers in Australia to create resources so everyone in Australia can have access to understanding.