Learning to write is very hard. It takes a lot of time and effort to master because it requires people to think conceptually, to interpret rather than just learn and recall a list of facts and put complex ideas into words. Writing requires us to do all that, plus think about spelling, grammar, arrangement and cohesion – at the same time.

We have produced these books to help young people become empowered writers and great storytellers for the rest of their lives.

Our books help parents and teachers work with young people to learn the foundational skills of writing. They lift students who struggle with writing and assist others to score higher band responses for NAPLAN and Year 12 examinations.

All of the material in our books is accurate and relevant and matches the current Australian curriculum requirements.

There are loads of illustrations and the language is clear to improve student knowledge and skills and enhance the teaching and learning process.

Our first products to hit stores and online are Essay WritingCreative Writing and Persuasive Writing.

These full-colour books, unlock the secrets of writing with panache and punch. Finally – the mystery is solved. You can help your child and students – as these books contain all sorts of tips and tricks and writing samples to conquer writing. No need for tutors!

Creative Writing: Conquering NAPLAN sets out the framework for a solid creative writing piece. Similarly, Persuasive Writing: Conquering NAPLAN lays out the style and structural elements necessary to create an outstanding persuasive text.

It’s like having an English teacher permanently at home – there are loads of examples and great inspiring ideas.

These books will give your child or students the confidence he or she needs to write interesting and engaging texts.

Available in hard copy or digital/PDF format. Buy now for immediate digital download or have it shipped to you.

Our newest title is NSW AOS Discovery Hacks

Just in time for the HSC we have a fantastic, helpful digital book that will help any HSC English student grab more marks in Paper One.

For a thesis statement you can write: A discovery can be confronting or you can write a discovery can be a catalyst for personal transformation which can lead to the development of a renewed perception of self and the world. Which one would get a higher mark?

Available in digital/PDF format. Buy now for immediate digital download so you can start studying now! No excuses.